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2017 Mentorship Program
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The Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Mentorship Announcement

Initiated April of 2017

The purpose of the Mentor program is to provide Candidate and Active members of the SESPRS access to senior member surgeons who are volunteering their time and expertise to be available to council younger members of our society. It is the goal of the SESPRS to provide a member benefit of exposure to “current best practices” in real time. In broad strokes, this would entail anything from providing phone consultation regarding challenging cases, to specifics about the business side of a private plastic surgical practice. All SESPRS Mentors have also agreed to allow specific surgical cases to be observed by their Southeastern visitors provided there has been a mutually agreed arrangement made well in advance of the visit. The visitors shall understand that they would only be able to observe surgical procedures and not participate in any specific surgical procedure. Any costs related to transportation, meals, lodging, etc. would be the responsibility of the visitor.

A “Hold Harmless” Agreement for the protection of the SESPRS and our mentor SESPRS physicians is attached below. It is recommended that both the Mentor and the Guest surgeon sign the document and return it to the SESPRS office prior to a society member’s visit. You may click below to download the form.

In launching of a new program, we are not able to predict the number of individuals that may wish to take advantage of this member benefit. Mentors will inform the Society if they are hosting a visitor so we can collect data on the demand and usefulness of the Mentor Program. A post-visit questionnaire will be implemented to verify if any changes have been made in the visitor’s practice subsequent to the visit.

Please review the list below and you may click on any of the Mentors involved in this program to connect directly with them. You will need to make access directly through their office and coordinate a time to visit. You will also need to download the agreement below, complete it and be sure the Mentor receives this prior to your visit.

L. Franklyn Elliott & Atlanta Plastic Surgery - Atlanta, Georgia
Braun Graham, MD & Sarasota Plastic Surgery - Sarasota, Florida
Melinda Haws, MD - Nashville, Tennessee
Scott Hollenbeck, MD (Duke University) - Durham, North Carolina
John Lindsey, MD - Metairie, Louisiana
Galen Perdikis, MD - Jacksonville, Florida
Kevin Smith, MD & Charlotte Plastic Surgery - Charlotte, North Carolina
Holly Wall, MD & Simeon Wall, MD - The Wall Center - Shreveport, Louisiana
Thomas Zaydon, Jr., MD - Miami, Florida

Mentorship Agreement

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